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Grrr. More politics.

I had calmed down a little about the abortion decision today.  (As in, I stopped packing the bags to move.)  Then I listened to NPR.  (This is where my  twenty-page tome about the NEW problems I have with the D&X ban would go if I didn't care about the friends reading my posts.) The worst part: The right-wing woman suggested that health exceptions were a "tactic" to avoid bans, citing data from Kansas that in one recorded year, all of the D&X procedures were done for mental health reasons.  No one called her on that.  Not even the woman from NARAL.  Mental health risks ARE health risks!!!!  It's possible some people were making it up, but that doesn't lessen the severity of the risk for those who actually have it.  Arrggghhh.....the discussion of mental illness in this country. 

Speaking of mental illness, for the first few days after the Tech shootings, I was afraid (and not just because I know a lot of people who go there, all of whom, thankfully, are safe).   As soon as the media discovered the killer had been diagnosed with depression, the immediate response was how to keep mentally ill people from being near our kids or owning guns.  In reality, mentally ill people are no more likely to be violent towards others than the general population.   (Even if they wanted to. which most don't, it's tough to be violent when you can't get out of bed.)  I was dismayed to hear on the news that several states apparently ban anyone who has ever been in a mental hospital (voluntarily or not) from owning a gun.  Now, I don't like guns.  I don't want to own them, I think they should only be used to hunt things people are going to eat, and I see no reason why a hunter needs an assault rifle.  I have no desire to ever own a gun, and I will not allow them in my home.  That said, I  have been in a mental hospital.  I am as good a citizen as anyone else and I have never committed a violent crime.  The mentally retarded have the right to own guns.  Blind people have the right to own guns.  I don't want guns, I want equality.  If you're going to take a right away, take it from everybody.  Funnily enough, the next day, the media focus switched to the fact that 50% of college students admit to having been depressed, and how to best provide access to treatment.  Anchors switched to these segments by saying "obviously this guy ws more than depressed, he was psychotic, but it has brought attention to a major issue on college campuses."  I'm glad they're not advocating kicking me out of school or taking my equality away.  I hate myself for saying this, but thank God that Big Pharma has so much advrtising money as a bargaining chip.  Otherwise I'm not convinced the debate would have changed.  Ethical dilemma: Is it ok to celebrate a change in a debate if it was brought about by the financial  interests of giant multinational corporations that also do really nasty things in other societal debates?
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My Legal Analysis: The InJustices can suck my plastic balls.

Preamble: I have a very complex view on abortion. I have a much simpler view on the government treating women as second-class citizens: IT'S REALLY REALLY BAD.

Amble: I cannot believe this bullshit. 5 men without medical degrees decided that, if there is medical evidence to suggest that something might or might not hurt someone, then in the eyes of the government it is not dangerous, provided that person is a pregnant woman. The case actually says:
"The evidence presented in the trial courts and before Congress demonstrates both sides have medical support for their positions"
"Medical uncertainty does not foreclose the exercise of legislative power in the abortion context any more than it does in other contexts."
They call the OB-GYNs who perform the procedure "abortion doctors" the whole way through, and suggest that if there IS a woman with a health problem, she should bring it to the courts. (Problem is, she'll already have the problem by then!!!!)

PRECEDENT!!!!! The lack of a health exception could be carried over into abortion laws governing other procedures, even earlier ones. Once they stop caring about health, how far is it to not caring about life? What this ruling means is that the government can decide that a woman's life is completely unimportant. Life isn't just about quantity, but about quality. If not having an abortion would make me a vegetable (not actually a suggested result of not having this procedure, just a hypothetical), I would rather die.

It also completely contradicts Roe v. Wade, and itself, in its treatment of 2nd trimester D&X procedures.

But what really gets me is what they say about women:
"The Act also recognizes that respect for human life finds an ultimate expression in a mother's love for her child. Whether to have an abortion requires a difficult and painful moral decision, which some women come to regret. In a decision so fraught with emotional consequence, some doctors may prefer not to disclose precise details of the abortion procedure to be used. It is, however, precisely this lack of information that is of legitimate concern to the State."

To recap, women are too stupid and emotional to make their own decisions, so they need the state to do it for them. If this is what they say out loud, I wonder what they think...that I'm only worth 3/5 of a fetus?


What's sick is that I know people in my (Catholic) extended family are celebrating. Women who have sex deservs what they get. Give the celebrators the choice between their health and the life of a fetus/child...there aren't too many real Mother Theresas in the world. That's ok. There's always confession.

The worst part is that many of the same people who want to make ALL ABORTIONS ILLEGAL are just as vehemently against birth control. A Catholic friend (not picking on Catholics, it's just who I grew up with) of mine confessed to the priest that she used birth control pills. He said not to worry so much about that, and told her that in one country he'd worked in, the girls had abortions because that way they only sinned once, instead of every day.

I'm seriously looking at Canada. They care about women's health. They even have health care. For men too.

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I GOT INTO CHICAGO!!!!! I am going to get a Master's in Social Sciences! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was so freaked out that I wouldn't get in. Brrr...back to the cold. But I GOT INTO CHICAGO!!!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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"With these new features, I believe that anybody, regardless of age or gender, will be urged to touch our Wii at least once." -Nintendo's President
I did it. I touched and played with someone else's wii. Don't worry, it was consensual, I got their permission. And I liked it.

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Finished paper anyway. Apparently I'm on crack. But at least I'm home now...there's a mouse in my kitchen sneaking around my brother's soda cans trying to figure out how to get in.


So...finally got the grade from a professor for a paper I wrote before fall break. She gave me a B on a really good paper. I am, to put it lighly, not pleased. If I had gotten it before the credit/no entry deadline, I could have switched. Now I've put a ton more work in, work I could have put into classes that actually matter, and I'm probably going to No Entry her class so it doesnt hurt my GPA. Arrgh! I can't believe this!!! I'm not complaining about a B. There are a great many classes and assignments on which I'd be like, "B! All right! I didn't die!" But this class...not the most intellectually challenging of my academic career. Sorry for a whiny "I got a B" post. Normally I hate people like this. But my life has been so focused on academics and grad school and aargh stuff recently that it's taken over my brain like some sort of alien invader. Plus, I got 2.5 hours sleep last night working on another paper for her. If anything could have killed my motivation to do that, it would be this. I though about not writing that paper, just focusing on my other classes. Now I wish I had. Grr. Rant over. Thanks for tuning in.

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"The silent "e"s will no longer be silent. They will unite and rise up agaist their oppressors!...No longer will they remain in this caste ("cast-ee") system. They will rise (ris-ee) up and fight decadence ("decadencee")"

I knew there was a reason I came to Oberlin...

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He's getting so much better. He's been walking around some, we even went out to dinner! He's still sleeping all day, but that's central to his recovery. We're both getting out stitches out today. I counted last night, and I think he has something like 56 stitches in his face. They did a really good job. If you have to have an accident, doing it near University Hospital in Syracuse isn't the worst place. He's still frustrated by his lack of memoery, and things seem to him to happen very quickly and loudly because of processing issues related to the concussion, but he's recovering more quickly than I had expected. I am also doing better than expected (on the side where I'm more messed up, the mental one). My reaction to this is apparently completely normal, which indicated to me how far I've come, depression-wise. My shrink was really impressed that I've been able to sleep, even if I wake up a lot with nightmares every night. That's normal, as are my instant replay daydreams, and my total edginess about cars and everything else (the phone rang yeaterday, and I thought it was a fire alarm). It's looking like a return to Oberlin this semester is going to happen, even if Marshall has to come up a few weeks late. :) YAY! Everyone has been so amazing and there's much love...sooo much love...:) This stuff really puts everything in perspective. Every once in a while, I have a kind of epiphany and realize I'm still alive, and not dead on the side of the road. This thing has put everything in major perspective. We're alive, and ok, and that is all that matters. Really. I mean it: grad school, jobs, future, riches, sex, George Bush as president, chocolate, the car, our broken computers...none of them are important at all in the face of this. Today, remember that you're alive, and that it's the most beautiful thing in the world, even when you can't see that it is. You can breathe, and think, and love, and hug, and just be. It's making me cry with happiness right now. Literally.

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We're back in DC...well, Chevy Chase, anyway, at Marshall's dad's house. Marshall's doing much better...he's getting his appetite back, walking around, etc. :) I'm so relieved. We flew in last night. Whew. Thanks for the love.